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Fire Suppression Coatings

Cable Fire Suppression Coatings FIREX EC 43

Cable Fire Suppression Coatings FIREX EC 43
  • Cable Fire Suppression Coatings FIREX EC 43
  • Cable Fire Suppression Coatings FIREX EC 43
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Pack
ColorOff White / Light Grey
BrandStanvac Superon
SystemNon-Hygroscopic water based intumescent coating
Temperature ResistanceGreater Than 982 Degree Celsius
Dry To Touch Time4-6 hours
Curing Time72 hours

Long runs of unprotected, PVC or plastic rubber sheathed combustible cables, usually supported by cable trays, are prone to rapid fire spread /generation of toxic smoke /acid gases and can thus cause excessive damage to men & materials. Unprotected cables burn & propagate fire after only a few minutes of exposure to fire/ flames. Power required for vital control functions, supplies and services fail very quickly. Burning cable sheaths carry the fire rapidly forwards and the burning PVC gives off aggressive toxic vapors. Indirect damage from cable fires (fire travel, breakdowns, corrosion resulting from harmful gases affecting sensitive instruments), is generally greater than the fire damage, initially visible.

Cable Fire Suppression Coatings are thus a critical step in achieving fire safety and ideally, they should provide the following three key protections:
  • Fire Resistance
  • Flame Retardance
  • Smoke Prevention

Other Features:-
  • Good adhesion of the coating facilitates vertical and overhead application, minimizes cleanup.
  • Does not affect the capacity of the cables to carry current, therefore, it does not require that the cables be de-rated does not attack or harm standard cable jacketing.
  • Conforms readily to cable shape and maintains flexibility indefinitely, allowing for cable movement or removal.
  • Virtually maintenance free; does not crack or deteriorate significantly with age, resists attack from harsh environments.
  • Dries to the touch approximately 2 to 4 hours after application and cures thoroughly in 24 to 48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • The product can be applied easily by brush or spray by a contractor or in-house maintenance crew with no extensive training.
  • A safe, non-flammable, latex emulsion, it involves no job-site hazards, mixing, or thinning; cleanup is accomplished with soap and water.
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Weathering resistant. Post curing will not wash off with rainwater.
  • The release of hydrochloric acids vapors is slowed down considerably by using Firex EC 43. Acid vapors that are released are neutralized. There is no subsequent burning of protected cables after the direct effect of a fire has been halted.


Surface preparation
A thorough cleaning of cables is not required. However, oil or grease should be removed with dry rags (no solvent). Using a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove heavy layers of dust is sufficient.

Application by spray is done in a conventional way by spraying crosswise. The Light Grey color of the coating should well cover the color of the cable jacket. Generally, the required thickness may be applied in one coat. However, where new vertical cables are to be coated, it is recommended to first apply a thin “fog coat” and let it dry, then apply the final coat.Desired thickness can be achieved in two-three coats.

Brushing Firex EC 43 Coating on all cables requires 2-3 coats to build up the required thickness. Again, a thin coat applied first and allowed to dry will aid in building up the required thickness.

Airless spray equipment
Graco Ultra 1500 Mark V Pressure at gun: 2900-3100 psi Spray gun orfice: 0.9-1.0 mm (preferably reversible tip)
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Fire Stop Barrier - FIREX FM 71

Fire Stop Barrier - FIREX FM 71
  • Fire Stop Barrier - FIREX FM 71
  • Fire Stop Barrier - FIREX FM 71
  • Fire Stop Barrier - FIREX FM 71
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Pack
BrandStanvac Superon
Physical StateFree Flowing Powder
Mixing ratio by weight100 : 40 (FM-71: Water)
Thermal Conductivity0.06 W/M K
pH ValueGreater Than 8 (10% sol. in water)
Compressive Strength2.9 N/mm2
Bulk DensityApprox. 700 - 850 Kg/m3

India’s Only CSIR-CBRI Roorkee – Developed, Tested & Certified Firestop Barrier

Firex FM 71 Barrier is an Inorganic, Expanding type, Heat absorbing Firestop Barrier designed to seal cable & pipe penetrations through walls, floors & ceilings and provide up to 4hours first stop protection, to compartment walls and floors, around service penetrations.

M/s CBRI Roorkee has in-house developed this new "state of the art” “expanding” technology firestop Barrier, considering what could be the optimum technology for mortar firestop barriers, based on all their years of experience of testing, both Indian and imported firestop Mortars, as well as of course their well established R&D strengths.

  • Superior Fire Resistance
  • Unique Expanding Type Non-Shrinking Technology
  • Weathering Resistant
  • Asbestos Free


Firex FM 71 Fire Stop Barrier is particularly suitable for reinstalling compartment floors where HVAC ducts, plastic pipes, and electrical services have been installed. Small irregular holes and imperfections of fit can easily be repaired using Firex FM 71 Fire Stop Barrier.

FM 71 is to be focused on both wall & floor openings, both load, and non-load bearing or anything opening where an economical firestop is needed, where a water immersion resistant firestop is needed.

Firex FM 71 Fire stop barrier is a fire rated load-bearing system providing up to 4 hours fire protection to compartment walls and floors around service penetrations.
  • When mixed with water it can be poured or trowelled into service penetration openings preventing the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases for periods of up to 4 hours.
  • Shutter (plywood /thick thermocoal or dense mineral wool board).
  • Secondary reinforcement where necessary.
  • Thickness-dependent upon fire resistance and load bearing capability.

  • Form a temporary (or permanent) shutter to the underside of the floor.
  • The correct amount of Firex FM 71 Stop barrier is then mixed by hand or power mixer and
  • cast into the aperture.
  • This is then tamped down, also ensuring that there are no gaps left behind penetrations.
  • If a temporary shuttering has been used, this is then removed.
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Flammadur A77 Firestop Coating

Flammadur A77 Firestop Coating
  • Flammadur A77 Firestop Coating
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity20 Kilogram
BrandStanvac Superon
Density1.29 g/cm3
Solid ContentApprox. 68%
CoverageApprox. 1000 g/m2
Long Term Temperature60 Degree Celsius
Short Term Temperature80 Degree Celsius

High solids thin film intumescent firestop cable coating
  • Fire Suppression Coating especially designed for protecting electric power cables, communication cables, junction boxes – against ignition, propagation of fire, smoke emission... High solids intumescent firestop coating with ultra high density, heat insulation. Expands upto 65 times when exposed to heat/ fire & protects.:
  • Factory Mutual Class 3971 (1999).
  • International Electro-technical Commission IEC 60332-3-22 (2007).
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE 383, 2.5.4 (1991)
  • German Lloyd, according to SOLAS.
  • Highest % solids (>67%) : Best in class intumescence & protection.
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718 Stangard EGF Fire Suppression Coatings

718  Stangard EGF Fire Suppression Coatings
  • 718  Stangard EGF Fire Suppression Coatings
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Pack
BrandStanvac Superon
Salt Spray testGreater Than 5000 hours (ASTM B117)
Adhesive Pull Off StrengthGreater Than 600 psi (ASTM D4541)
Temperature Resistance100 Degree Celsius

718 STANGARD EGF (NV): Solvent-free novolac epoxy for protecting metal & concrete structures against aggressive acid's, alkalies &industrial chemicals - both direct spillage & fumes.For protecting structures, both metallic & concrete, against aggressive industrial acids, alkalies & chemicals, as well as their primary & secondary containment.

  • Unique resistance to 98% sulfuric & 33% hydrochloric acids: 180 days immersion – No film damage.
  • Withstands thermal shocks & high temperatures (100 O C continuous & 140 O C intermittent).
  • High build -180 to 200 microns per coat, applicable on both horizontal & vertical surfaces.
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